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Frank Lenchner, in his article “Decreasing Morals in TV” discusses the increasing rate of immorality in TV programs, destructive influences of media on children’s behavior and an electronic chip, V-hip, which filters violence and profanity on television. Lenchner argues that characters in movies enhance the feelings of lust, hatred and decreases the degree of morality. He further states that children are continuously given messages which may corrupt their attitudes and behaviors. “V-chip” is an electronic device which I totally agree with Lenchner that he mentioned it as an effective solution to cope with violence and profanity on television. I agree with him because the values of the society and morality degrees of programs are ignored and diminished, so V-chip can be a solution for the matter.


As Lenchner mentioned in his essay, media has harmful effects on children’s impressionable minds. I believe that children may represent unexpected attitudes if they are exposed to destructive effects of media. For example; a few years ago a child jumped out of the window at home and luckily survived. After this event the child said I supposed that I would fly like a pokemon, a cartoon film character, thus I jumped. For this reason, these types of films are not appropriate for children who have not acquired the developmental skills needed to distinguish between imaginary and reality. Affected by the TV, children may not only tend to violence but also be subjected to moral destruction. Another extreme example is about the negative impacts of TV on children behavior. A primary school student in our country asked for a night to be together to his girl friend. Why? Because, the child saw famous people are talking about these topic as a daily dialogue on TV. Related to these, Lenchner criticizes that ordinary people think that famous people on TV reflect the whole society. In fact, they represent only a small part of the society. In addition to this, especially in our country, another misconception is that mistakes made by famous people are accepted as true by society. Smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol, sexual promiscuity and drug usage can be encouraged and they appear to be normal on television by movie characters. The criteria of private life are destructed and it was begun to be demonstrated in details on some type of magazine programs. Therefore, children are continuously given messages which may corrupt their attitudes and behaviors.


Lenchner suggests that parents do not need to monitor their children every time while watching TV because V-chip select the appreciated programs and filters the evil on TV. If it is needed to mention more about this technology, the V-chip reads information encoded in the rated program and blocks programs from the set based upon the rating selected by the parent. I believe that with using this system many parents could have the opportunity to protect their children from the programs which parents find unsuitable for children. It may become easy to keep children from intense violence, intense sexual situations and intensely suggestive dialogues on TV. I believe that, although, this technology provides a lot of facilities to achieve some goals against immorality on TV, it is impossible to think of a child who is not exposed anything immoral from TV. However, the main point of my argument is to decrease the negative effect of television on children.

To conclude, the points expressed in Lenchner’s essay and my way of argumentation to his essay are highly interrelated with each other. Lenchner asserts about harmful effects of media on children’s behavior and a solution to this, V-chip. That it contributes parents to keep children from immoral programs. As the world is getting more evil day to day, corruption of TV programs is increasing. For this reason, the media needs to hold new moral arrangements.


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